Statue Of Liberty Gets Halloween Costume In Total Stunt

Lady Liberty will get a Halloween costume in a move that's definitely a PR stunt but is also sort of amusing.

Statue Of Liberty Gets Halloween Costume In Total Stunt
Getty Images / Michael Nagle

Happy Halloween from Lady Liberty! This year, the Statue of Liberty is getting a Halloween costume ... ish.

The duds will be dapper. New menswear line Nick Graham, in an admittedly brilliant PR move, has constructed 60-foot bow ties for the lady to don starting at 8 a.m. on Halloween.

The mechanics aren't easy. The 35-pound ties will be suspended from helicopters in front of the statue so it looks like the lady is wearing them. Graham told USA Today the stunt has FAA approval. (Video via CBS)

But there's no National Parks approval because the choppers will be far enough from the statue that they're not actually on parks property. Slick.

And, yes, the fact that this is purely a marketing stunt utilizing arguably the U.S.' most recognizable national monument is lost on ... um ... no one

USA Today even quotes Nick Graham, the man behind the clothing line, on his reasoning: "It's going to be a big collection, so what better way to launch it than the Statue of Liberty." So the connection here is ... size?

Yes, it's unclear how simply wearing a bow tie even constitutes as a costume. There are two ties, and they are sort of Halloween-themed in color. One is black with white dots; one is orange with white dots. We'll offer an option here:

Lady Liberty is being her bow-tie-wearing male counterpart for Halloween: The Lincoln Memorial. 

And if you wanna get real crazy-relevant for your own costume, buy one of those typical Statue of Liberty costumes. Add bow tie. 

This video includes images from Getty Images.