Strangers Pay For Seattle Shooting Hero's Wedding Registry

The Internet has bought out Jon Meis’ wedding registry and raised more than $37,000 for his honeymoon.

Strangers Pay For Seattle Shooting Hero's Wedding Registry

​John Meis is being praised for his quick thinking when he tackled the suspected Seattle Pacific University shooter Friday.

“Police say 26-year-old Aaron Ybarra, armed with a shotgun and a knife, walked into the science and engineering building and opened fire.” (Via KABC)

“He is currently being held without bail in connection with the shooting that killed a 19-year-old student and injured two others.” (Via CNN)

Engineering student John Meis intervened with pepper spray and helped subdue Ybarra until authorities arrived. Headlines characterized Meis as a hero for his response. (Via NBC, CNN, The Oregonian)

And at least part of the Internet appeared to be in agreement. The New York Daily News reports Meis is set to be married this summer — and highlights a thread posted to Reddit Saturday with a link to Meis’ wedding registry.

Since then, according to the BBC, every item on the registry has been purchased. Other donors have contributed more than $37,000 in a separate campaign intended to pay for Meis’ honeymoon.

But Meis and his family have declined to speak with the media and requested privacy — leading to questions of whether the support is appropriate. (Via Seattle Weekly)

Daily Mail quotes the creator of the crowdfunding campaign: “I don't know him, and nobody asked me to do it. The community support for Jon has been so strong, and I wanted to give it a place to continue.”

The two people injured in the shooting, meanwhile, remain in the hospital. KABC reports one is in critical condition and the other is listed as satisfactory.