Strong Snowstorms Make For Memorable NFL Sunday

Several teams adapted their gameplay — and touchdown dances — to fit the snowy conditions Sunday.

Strong Snowstorms Make For Memorable NFL Sunday
Fox / Bleacher Report

It's a snowy day in the NFL, with several teams braving the conditions and getting a face full of snow while doing it. 

That includes Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson, who briefly turned into a snowman while making a catch in the Lions-Eagles game. 

Bleacher Report compiled this page of gifs, just from the early games, to show all the wild stuff happening in the inclement weather. 

And ESPN's SportsCenter tweeted, "Football in the snow = AWESOME" with pictures of several snowy games around the league. 

At least eight NFL teams dealt with snowy conditions Sunday, including the Lions vs. Eagles, the Chiefs against the Redskins, Vikings vs. Baltimore and the Steelers vs. the Dolphins.

All the teams were playing on the East Coast, which is getting blasted by a wintery weather mix of ice and snow. Some areas in the Northeast reported up to 8 inches in parts of New Jersey and Delaware. (Via The Weather Channel

And, let's be honest, some of the memorable NFL games ever have taken place in the snow. 

Like the infamous "Tuck Rule Game" between the New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders that not only changed the way quarterback fumbles were viewed forever, but also the directions of the two franchises. The Patriots won that divisional playoff game with a late field goal. (Via CBS

And then there are the frigid memories of the 1967 Ice Bowl between the Cowboys and Green Bay Packers. Temperatures that day dipped down to -13 degrees with the wind chill an absolutely blistering -40. (Via ESPN

Suddenly today's games don't look so bad.