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Students Nationwide Walked Out Of Class To Vote Tuesday

The demonstration was part of the Walkout to Vote campaign created by student activists.

Students Nationwide Walked Out Of Class To Vote Tuesday
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Students across the country walked out of their classrooms Tuesday to vote.

Over 25 student activist groups organized the Walkout to Vote campaign. It encourages students to leave school and head to their polling place. A press release from the group said, "We want everyone to vote and for our generation to seize voting as a special right of passage."

Some have pointed out that students may not need to leave class to make it to the polls on time. Hours range from about 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., depending on the state. But activists say the demonstration isn't just about getting young people to the polls. 

Activist Katie Eder told CNBC the goal is also "to send a message to politicians [and] the country that young people are unified in our demand for change."

Students under the age of 18 were also encouraged to lead and participate in the walkout to help spread that message.

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