Sundar Pichai Now Heads Up Almost Everything At Google

Google CEO Larry Page gave Android lead Sundar Pichai control of most of Google’s central operations Friday.

Sundar Pichai Now Heads Up Almost Everything At Google
Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

Google’s Sundar Pichai just got a big promotion.

Re/code reports as of Friday afternoon, Google CEO Larry Page handed Pichai leadership responsibilities for many of Google’s central operations.

Pichai now heads up Google research, search, maps, Google+, advertising and infrastructure; on top of his previous responsibilities for Google Apps, Chrome and Android. Basically he’s now the Chief of Almost Everything. (Video via AllThingsD)

The Wall Street Journal writes “The shakeup comes as Page seeks to combat ill effects of Google’s size and age. As it has grown, the pace of product development has slowed and turf wars have broken out on occasion.”

But it appears if there’s one guy to keep Google going smoothly, it’s Pichai. Various outlets describe him as a rising star, or as inheriting the latest in a well-deserved line of important roles.

The New York Times’ Mike Isaac says on Twitter he’s never heard an ill word spoken of Pichai during his tenure at Google.

But it also appears there’s more to this promotion than just a good guy getting his due.

PCWorld points out “The consolidation of divisions under one leader will help the company unify its business across the board rather than have Android, Chrome, and the rest operate as individual entities.”

“Unification” is a popular word for it. At TechCrunch: “That increases the reach of core Google services like search, and its app marketplace, things that bring the parent company direct and indirect revenue.”

Larry Page, meanwhile, is said to be shifting his attention to Google’s access and energy division, which handles Google Fiber, as well as the Google X research group and the company’s Calico health initiative. (Video via TED)

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