Sunday Shows: Lawmakers Weigh Obama's NSA Proposals

Lawmakers weigh in on President Obama's proposed NSA reforms.

Sunday Shows: Lawmakers Weigh Obama's NSA Proposals

On the Sunday shows this week, lawmakers weigh in on the president’s proposed NSA reforms.

“I believe in some checks and balances so you don't have a government run amok.” (Via Fox News

Plus, more on a new controversy involving Chris Christie.

It's stunning. It's outrageous. But it's true.” (Via CNN)

For National Journal, I’m Elizabeth Hagedorn. On Friday President Obama called for the NSA to limit the metadata it collects and suggested it be stored with a third party — something Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Dianne Feinstein said concerns her. 

FEINSTEIN: "The whole purpose of this program is to provide instantaneous information to be able to disrupt any plot that may be taking place."

And Patrick Leahy — the Senate’s top Democrat — told Fox News Sunday the president didn’t go far enough in making changes to the agency.

“We've also reached a point of if we collect anything, do we have anything as we found in the past? ... He has laid out the framework over what he might do. There is still going to be legislation on this.” (Via Fox News

And the man who started the conversation — Edward Snowden — apparently has a standing invite for the Winter Olympic games in Sochi. That’s according to Russian President Vladimir Putin who had this to say to ABC. (Via The Guardian

“Mr. Snowden is subjected to the treatment of provisional asylum here in Russia. He has a right to travel freely across the country. He has no specula limitation. He can buy a ticket and come here.” (Via ABC)

Turning to New Jersey politics, a day after Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer claimed New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie withheld relief funds meant for Superstorm Sandy, she defended the allegations on CNN. (Via Office of Gov. Chris Christie

"You have a Christie administration using their authority to try and get something ...  I don't know what they were trying to get in the bridge gate but I do know in Hoboken, they were holding our Sandy funds hostage." (Via CNN)

Christie’s office — now subject to two probes — has denied the latest allegations.