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Syria Intercepts 'Hostile Targets' Over Damascus

Syria's state news agency reports the missiles were launched by Israeli warplanes.

Syria Intercepts 'Hostile Targets' Over Damascus

Syrian Air Defenses reportedly intercepted multiple "hostile targets" Tuesday night.

Syrian state news agency SANA reported missiles were launched over Damascus by Israeli warplanes. At least three Syrian soldiers were injured. SANA said Air Defenses "downed most of them before reaching their targets."

But Israel Defense Forces said it activated its aerial defense system in response to Syria's anti-aircraft missile launch.

Russia's Defense Ministry said Israel launched 16 missiles and Syria was able to destroy 14 of them, according to Israeli news outlet Haaretz. The outlet said the strike "directly endangered" two civilian flights. The passenger jets were redirected to a Russian air base.

The attack comes a week after the Trump administration confirmed it will withdraw all American forces from Syria.

Additional reporting from Newsy affiliate CNN.