T.J. Lane Captured Friday Morning, But How Did He Escape?

T.J. Lane, responsible for the Chardon High School shootings of 2012, escaped an Ohio prison Thursday night.

T.J. Lane Captured Friday Morning, But How Did He Escape?

T.J. Lane was captured early Friday morning after escaping an Ohio prison Thursday night. But how did such a notorious killer escape?

WDTN: "Around 1:30 this morning, about six hours after the guards noticed prisoners were missing, troopers found Lane just 100 yards away outside a church. Officials say Lane did not put up a fight and did not say anything as he was taken into custody."

Three inmates escaped; all captured by about 4:30 a.m. Lane was the most infamous. At age 17, he opened fire at Chardon High School in Ohio, killing three of his classmates.  (Video via CBS)

"We were able to set up a perimeter so quickly. That deterred them from going any further then they actually did go." (Video via NBC)

But local media aren't satisfied with that answer. Lane was missing almost six hours. (Video via CBS)

WKYC: "We've had a press conference, two of them actually with the Warden, and drilled him on some of these questions. Really not getting answers. He's saying it's still an investigation. ... A big question is why it took so long with Lane found just 100 yards away."

According to the Plain Dealer in Cleveland, the men escaped by scaling a fence during evening recreation time.

"No warden in my position would like something like this to happen, but the facts are I'm happy to announce we have Mr. Lane back in our custody." (Video via CNN / Lima Police Department)

WEWS reports one possible problem.

"According to a recent inspection, the correctional institution was over capacity. The report showing the facility's only designed for 1,400 but there are about 1,600 prisoners there right now."

Police near Chardon High School and the families of Lane's victims were alerted upon news of his escape. Friday's classes were canceled. WJW spoke with one of the victim's brothers.

WJW: "The brother of Danny Parmiter, who told me last night this all just feels like a movie."

"Well, yeah, bringing up all those memories again, and the fear that this guy is out."

"This community, it took a long time for them to move on ... Last night was just like reopening a wound for them."

Local, state and federal authorities worked together to find Lane. They set up checkpoints and used aircraft in the search.