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T-Mobile Wants To Give You Free Netflix

T-Mobile is taking on competitors' "carrier bundles," and that could mean more viewers for Netflix.

T-Mobile Wants To Give You Free Netflix

T-Mobile is upgrading its unlimited family plan with a new promotion: free Netflix. 

The company announced the move Wednesday. Its outspoken CEO John Legere explained that because people already use Netflix, partnering with the company would make more sense than developing a streaming competitor — which is what AT&T and Verizon did.

"I mean you can't make up sh*t like go90," Legere said

Verizon reportedly spent more than $200 million on go90 — a streaming service developed specifically for millennials. But critics say it's basically dead. 

T-Mobile is proudly promoting its new partnership with Netflix. But just last year, the company's "Binge On" service — which lets customers watch certain streaming services without data charges — was accused of violating net neutrality

T-Mobile CEO John Legere speaks in a video blog

T-Mobile Thinks It's Changing The Industry With This New Plan

Sprint announced its plan to remove data caps on the same day.


"There are people out there saying we're throttling. That's a game of semantics, and it's bullsh*t," Legere said in response to the criticism.

T-Mobile's CEO argued that any video company could join the Binge On service, but experts said the technical requirements to join posed a significant barrier to entry. 

Some of the companies in the service include Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and even Newsy. 

Back in February, the FCC let T-Mobile continue its Binge On program. The decision was made under new chairman Ajit Pai, who is known for his opposition to net neutrality regulations. 

T-Mobile hopes "Netflix On Us" will give the company an advantage over competitors' "carrier bundles." For Netflix, the new partnership could put the streaming service into more pockets.