Tara The 'Hero Cat' Throws First Pitch At Baseball Game

The cat who gained national fame after saving her 4-year-old human brother from a vicious dog attack threw the first pitch at a baseball game. Kinda.

Tara The 'Hero Cat' Throws First Pitch At Baseball Game

It was a rather unusual sight for spectators at a local baseball game in Bakersfield, California — a cat throwing out the first pitch. Well, kind of. (Via KERO)

But that wasn't just any cat.

You may recognize Tara the tabby from this shocking surveillance video that went viral online last week. She managed to scare off a dog that was attacking her 4-year-old human, Jeremy. (Via KERO)

Jeremy's father, Roger, decided to edit the video and put it up on YouTube for family and friends to see. (Via YouTube / Jeremy Triantafilo)

And almost immediately, Tara became a national sensation, making major headlines as the famous "hero cat." (Via The Huffington Post, NBC, NPR)

And one the perks of that fame? Being invited to throw the first pitch at the Bakersfield Blaze game Tuesday night.

Tara's pitch wasn't exactly perfect — her human dad had to give her a little help. But spectators told KERO that didn't matter to them.

"I think it was amazing."

"I didn't even know cats could do that."

"That's a first. I guess he needed a little relief."

And it looks like that pitch is just the first of a few special events Tara has been invited to attend.

The Bakersfield Condors confirmed via Twitter the "Ninja Cat" will drop the first puck for Game 3 of the minor league hockey playoffs Friday night.

And TMZ claims feline magazine Cat Fancy has reached out to Tara's family to see if the tabby would be interested in appearing on the cover.

What's next? Talk shows? A movie deal? Guess we'll have to wait and see.