It's Tax Day! But Don't Panic, Go Get Free Curly Fries

Tax Day is upon us, but late fees only apply to those who owe money. Oh, and businesses are giving away free stuff galore, too.

It's Tax Day! But Don't Panic, Go Get Free Curly Fries
Wikimedia Commons / LaurMG

Well, it's doomsday everyone, and yes, we do mean ... Tax Day! 

"Penalties for filing late federal tax returns only apply to people who owe money. The penalty is a percentage of what you owe. Also if you have unpaid taxes, the late fees add up quickly." (Via WPDE)

Well, you heard her — get those taxes filed! Hey, but did you know? The IRS actually made some cuts, something some analysts are saying means you're less likely to get audited. 

The Daily Caller put it rather, ahem, eloquently, "It’s going to be easier to cheat on your taxes this year."

Well your chances of being audited are slim, unless, of course, you're loaded. The Wall Street Journal reports people earning $1 million or more have a 1 in 9 chance of having a tax auditor knock on their doors. 

And after you're done not-cheating-the-government, you can even reward yourself. WPHL reports several businesses are giving away freebies today. Hollah.

"Arby's is giving away snack-sized orders of curly fries when you print a coupon from the company's website. Hard Rock Cafe will give you a free dinner, but only after you perform a song on-stage."

And Sonic is joining in on the fun, too, offering half price drinks and slushies on big, bad tax day.

And in case we haven't done enough damage to your diet, Great American Cookies is also giving away a free chocolate chip cookie on tax day.

Oh, and about three out of four tax payers receive refunds, too, making tax day not seem too scary.