Ted Turner Hospitalized In Argentina

Ted Turner, founder of CNN and Turner Broadcasting System, reportedly is in the hospital undergoing surgery for appendicitis.

Ted Turner Hospitalized In Argentina
Wikimedia Commons / lukeford.net

CNN and Turner Broadcasting System founder Ted Turner was hospitalized Friday while traveling in Argentina.

According to the Buenos Aires Herald, he was diagnosed with appendicitis and reportedly flew to another hospital in Buenos Aires to undergo surgery.

The Guardian reports the 75-year-old was vacationing at his ranch near the Andes mountains when he was taken to the hospital for unknown reasons.

In a statement to CNN, spokesman Phillip Evans says it is against policy to comment on Turner's personal health and "no further details will be provided."

Turner began his broadcast company TBS in 1970 after purchasing an Atlanta television station. Then in 1980, he founded CNN, the first 24-hour news channel. (Via Turner Broadcasting System)

Under TBS, he created Cartoon Network as well as Turner Network Television, or TNT. He later sold TBS to Time Warner in 1996 for more than $7 billion. (Via OWN)

According to Forbes, Turner is worth more than $2 billion. It is unclear when he will be released from the hospital.