That Rembrandt 'Selfie' Is Real

A painting of Rembrandt has puzzled art experts for decades. It has now been deemed authentic, making it worth $50 million.

That Rembrandt 'Selfie' Is Real

Art specialists in Britain have been knocking their heads together for months, BBC reports, trying to verify the authenticity of a Rembrandt painting ... of himself. An original "selfie," one might call it. 

"The self portrait, which hangs in Devon's Buckland Abbey, had been the subject of debate over its authenticity since 1968."

And since this made news, you better believe it's because those art experts have now declared it's the real deal. 

The New York Times reports the painting underwent thorough examination, including:

— Visual examinations using infrared reflectography as well as pigment and medium analysis.

—Cleaning, which involved removing old varnish that revealed "the original colors and painting style."

—Signature inspection.

This makes the painting worth 30 million pounds, or about $50 million U.S. Whoa. 

Mid Devon Gazette reports the painting underwent an eight-month process to verify the authenticity.

"Painted by Rembrandt in 1635, the authenticity of the portrait had previously been thrown into doubt by [a] Rembrandt specialist ... and the Rembrandt Research Project in 1968."

Western Daily Press says a Rembrandt expert has now reversed his opinion that it wasn't a genuine piece.

"‚ÄčIt is now considered one of the trust's most important artworks. ... Ernst van de Wetering revised his opinion after decades of study revealed 'fluctuations' in the artist's style. He decided the crude brushstokes he had previously dismissed resembled other Rembrandt pictures of the same period."

And the painting will now receive the recognition it deserves. The Telegraph notes it will be on display starting June 13 as part of a "Rembrandt Revealed" exhibit.