The Novice's Survival Guide To Music Festivals

If you're going to a music festival, you better be prepared. Follow these life-saving tips to survive your first fest.

The Novice's Survival Guide To Music Festivals
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Music festivals are fun. There's no denying that. You can let loose, dance your heart out and watch a decent amount of your favorite artists perform over the course of a few days. (Video via Ultra Music Festival)

But if you aren't adequately prepared, they can be a major struggle. There's also no denying that.

Have no fear, Newsy is here — and great at rhyming — to help make sure you're ready to rock out with 70,000 of your closest friends. (Video via Tomorrowland)

Okay, before stepping foot onto those festival grounds, a few apps can make your experience 10 times better.

Festivals generally have their own apps, which are great for planning your concert schedule and finding those super important restroom and food locations. (Video via Aloompa)

Plus, last-minute concert changes are announced through push notifications — and wouldn't you just hate it if you didn't know Sam Smith’s performance was actually three hours ago?

And we never seem to prepare (or accept) the fact that there's no cell service. I mean, none. So download GroupMe to use within your group of friends. It uses data instead of cell service, so if you get lost, you still have a fighting chance of finding each other — but only if there's Wi-Fi. (Video via GroupMe)

If you plan on camping, try the Packing Pro app. It guesstimates what you need to pack, depending on how long you're gone. Plus, you can share packing lists with friends to make sure no one overlaps packing bulkier items. (Video via QuinnScape)

You’re also typically allowed to bring an empty water holder, like a CamelBak. This will save your life when you’re holding a front-row spot while simultaneously suffering from dehydration. (Video via CamelBak)

And speaking of things to bring with you, pack lightly in a backpack, cross-body bag or fanny pack. You'll likely be jumping all over the place, so make sure you can zip it shut so nothing falls out.

If it starts raining, the last thing you want is a soaked cell phone. Invest in a water-proof case or bring a Ziploc bag to avoid water damage. (Video via CrunchyReviews)

And you don't want a dead phone at a festival. So buy a solar-powered charger or one like this to keep your phone charged.

The other reason you want a charged phone is if you lose it. Before that happens, you should type your name and a friend's contact information in the notepad app on your phone to help that good Samaritan who finds it. Screen shot that info and make the picture your screen saver.

Finally, anyone who has ever attended a festival knows the perils and genuine chaos of the porta-potty area. Bring a flashlight keychain to help you see what's going on in those restrooms at night.

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