Counting Down April Fools' Best Promotional Pranks

We take a look at the top three pranks from April Fools' Day. American Beagle and the manaphin both made the cut.

Counting Down April Fools' Best Promotional Pranks

‚ÄčIt’s April Fools’ Day — time for promotional pranks, and some of them were pretty solid. We’re looking at the top three.

No. 3 goes to Visit St. Pete/Clearwater — yep, tourism in St. Petersburg/Clearwater, Florida.

The staff released info about a rare sighting of ‘manaphin’ — a “long-extinct animal” that’s a cross between a dolphin and a manatee. You can even listen to the manaphin on this website.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a manaphin, although it sounds surprisingly scary.


But at No. 2 — another hybrid.

Virgin America and Nest teamed up for this prank. They claimed to be offering a new feature — Total Temperature Control by Nest ... on planes. By individual seats.

“Let’s say you’d like to feel like you’re sitting in a tropical paradise while flying to Newark. Well simply select ‘Cancun Afternoon’ and soak it all in.”

Sir Richard Branson + sunglasses = an awesome April Fools’ prank to us. But No. 1 was the perfect April Fools’ prank — because it went legit.

American Eagle started April 1 with a prank — it announced a clothing line for dogs called American Beagle. 

But by midday, the tide had turned. (Via Facebook)

American Eagle’s website said response to the prank was “so overwhelming,” now it really will make a clothing line for dogs.

The company says the line started as a joke, but now it will help rescue dogs in need. Of course, it is still April 1, so this could still be a prank ... but we’re thinking it would be pretty heartless to joke about helping rescue dogs.