Theresa May Discusses 'Digital Charter' At Davos

The digital charter hopes to protect the privacy and security of U.K. internet users, as well as support digital businesses and innovations.

Theresa May Discusses 'Digital Charter' At Davos
World Economic Forum

During her speech at the World Economic Forum, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May talked about her country's upcoming "digital charter."

Calling out social media sites and apps like Telegram for becoming "home to criminals and terrorists," the prime minister said the internet-focused legislation would protect the privacy and safety of U.K. users.

May also said the charter will be pro-business and supportive of digital innovations, as well as keep the internet "free, open and accessible."

The digital charter was brought up last year in Queen Elizabeth's speech to both houses of Parliament. The U.K. government says the charter will be developed with help from the tech sector, businesses and civilians.