Thousands In France Are Protesting Against A Longer State Of Emergency

The protesters are also fighting a proposal that would revoke citizenship from convicted terrorists of dual-nationality.

Thousands In France Are Protesting Against A Longer State Of Emergency
Getty Images / Thierry Chesnot

This weekend, thousands of people in Paris protested proposals that would lengthen France's state of emergency and revoke French citizenship from convicted terrorists of dual-nationality. 

France 24 reports 70 percent of French citizens actually support the extended state of emergency, which began after November's Paris attacks. But some, including the United Nations, have argued the measures are excessive.

France's justice minister resigned last week in protest of President Fran├žois Hollande's proposal to take French citizenship away from convicted terrorists born in France with multiple nationalities. (Video via BFM-TV)

The country's prime minister has suggested the proposal is only aimed at dual-nationals in order to not leave anyone stateless. But the bill would make it possible for French citizens to lose civic rights, such as the right to vote. (Video via CCTV)

The state of emergency currently gives police the right to raid homes without a warrant and greater leeway in placing people under house arrest.

Two months have passed since the state of emergency began. The French Parliament is currently debating continuing the state of emergency beyond its Feb. 26 expiration. (Video via CBS)

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