Thousands Of Protesters Demand Tax Reform In Taiwan

Organizers say they were recently inspired by the so-called "yellow vest" French protests.

Thousands Of Protesters Demand Tax Reform In Taiwan

Anti-tax demonstrators are once again taking to the streets in Taiwan.

Thursday reportedly marked the third time in the past seven days that thousands of people gathered in the country's capital of Taipei to demand tax reform.

The demonstrations were organized by an activist group called the Tax and Legal Reform League. It's been pushing Taiwan's government to change its tax system for years, but officials told news outlets it was recently inspired by the so-called "yellow vest" protests in France.

Those violent protests forced French President Emmanuel Macron's administration to suspend a gas tax hike until 2020. Macron also promised a minimum wage increase and economic reforms.

Similar "yellow vest" protests have also occurred in countries like Sweden, Israel and Belgium.

But in Taiwan, it's unclear how successful protesters will end up being. Taiwan's Ministry of Finance previously released a statement that seemed to indicate it wasn't willing to consider some of their complaints.

Additional reporting from Newsy affiliate CNN.