Tim Burton: 'Beetlejuice' Sequel Is 'Closer Than Ever'

Director Tim Burton hints at another 'Beetlejuice' movie almost 30 years after the original. Find out what Michael Keaton thinks about a sequel too.

Tim Burton: 'Beetlejuice' Sequel Is 'Closer Than Ever'
Getty Images / Matej Divizna

There’s only one thing to say, Tim Burton …

"Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!"

The director just told IGN a sequel to the 1988 movie "Beetlejuice" is "closer than ever."

... oh, we've only been waiting almost 30 years ... but hey, better late than never. Burton told the outlet ...

"There's only one Beetlejuice, and that's Michael. There is a script, and I would love to work with him again. I think there is now a better chance than ever."

That Michael is, of course, Michael Keaton, who's riding a critical high right now with the success and awards season buzz of "Birdman."

"Let’s make a comeback."

This also confirms some earlier buzz — in February, Keaton told MTV...

"Talked to the writer a couple times ... I always said that’s the one thing I liked to do again if I ever did anything again. ... It kind of required Tim to be involved, for me anyway. ... If he's in it's gonna be hard not to be in."

And in November 2013, Winona Ryder, who was just 17 when the first movie was made, told The Daily Beast if Burton and Keaton were in for a sequel, so was she.

So, sounds like the three were each set on each other's involvement, and they're all up for it. Now there's really only one thing to say...hopefully…

"It's showtime."

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