Toddler Trespasses On White House Grounds: Cue Lockdown

A toddler caused quite the commotion at the White House when he sneaked through the gates and onto the grounds.

Toddler Trespasses On White House Grounds: Cue Lockdown
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The U.S. Secret Service sprang into action Thursday to protect The White House from a security breach.

Fortunately, though, it was only a tiny one. Literally.

WRC-TV"The Secret Service says the toddler got away from his parents and then squeezed through the fence last night." 

​Yes, a toddler. No one has a picture or a name, but WRC-TV reports the tiny trespasser snuck onto the grounds around 8:00 p.m., just before President Barack Obama was scheduled to make a statement on Iraq.

The Secret Service implemented a temporary lockdown while agents scrambled to nab the little intruder. But it didn't take too long to get everything resolved. Once they caught him, they gave the child to his parents and let them go.

The toddler's parents weren't even questioned before they were sent on their way, which left some news outlets baffled and even questioning their parenting skills.

NECN: "Lucky for them, they were not detained for questioning."

KOCO: "I can see them all freaking out, we have an intruder, but it's a tiny little kid. Probably got lucky. You never know, they don't fool around."

KARE: "Might want to keep an eye on your children. If that's not a vivid example."

But at least the Secret Service seemed to have a sense of humor about the whole thing.

A spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service jokingly told reporters, "We were going to wait until he learned to talk to question him, but in lieu of that he got a timeout and was sent on [his] way with [his] parents."

We're guessing that's going to be a pretty long timeout.

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