Top 3 Apps Released This Week For All The Stages Of Dating

There were quite a few dating apps released this week, including a dating app for your pet and an app to help you break up with your ex.

Top 3 Apps Released This Week For All The Stages Of Dating

People live on their phones nowadays. So much so that it's often easier to just text someone than actually have a real conversation. So think how much easier dating would be if we just let technology rule. Here are the top 3 apps for the various stages of dating. 

First up, you need to find a date. One of the most talked about apps for this out there right now is called The League

"The League says it uses social media to vet its pool of daters, promising to set you up with only attractive, successful and highly educated members," an ABC reporter said

Now some are saying the app is elitist. 

Like the New York Post, which pointed out that of all the New Yorkers using the app, 56 percent went to a "highly selective" university and 13 percent are founders of their own businesses or CEOs. 

The League promises on its website that if you make the cut only people who meet your preferences will be able to view your profile and that since all users have been vetted on sites like LinkedIn, there are no fake profiles. 

So what about when you're finally in a relationship and you decide you need to start setting up all your single friends, too?

Well, now you can even go so far as setting up your dog with a boyfriend or girlfriend. 

A new app called Tindog — get it, like Tinder for dogs — allows you to set up a profile for your canine. 

A writer for Digital Trends pointed out the merits of the app, saying, "Finding your dog a companion could save your couch from being chewed up or your carpet from being stained from a canine expression of boredom or frustration. Think about the couches."

And finally, breaking is up is hard to do. So now there's an app called Binder to help you out. 

"Just one swipe to the right and your previously significant other finally gets the message that it's not you, it's her." (Video via YouTube / Tennent's Wellpark)

The app even has built in excuses like, "I feel like I was maybe tricked into this" and "I'd rather be lonely."

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