Top 3 Caught-On-Camera Moments Of The Week

This week's caught-on-camera moments are all about new experiences, including a first glimpse of fireworks and men feeling the pains of childbirth.

Top 3 Caught-On-Camera Moments Of The Week
YouTube / tj fox

Our top three caught-on-camera stories this week all revolve around new experiences — either it's something these people haven't personally experienced or it's something we've never seen before. 

First up is 2-year-old Connor, who hadn't ever seen fireworks before watching the opening ceremony for World Wrestling Entertainment's SmackDown. (Via YouTube / tj fox)

Clearly, he was shocked at how loud the fireworks were. 

Which really isn't too surprising — we still have to cover our ears, too. And for good reason: Boys Town National Research Hospital says the explosion fireworks make are in the 150-175 decibel range. It's recommended that adults avoid anything that creates noise louder than 140 decibels.

But we just can't help but love how enthusiastically little Connor cheers at the end.

Adorable. Those must have been some awesome fireworks.

Now, we all know dogs and cats don't usually get along. But this next video might just firmly plant you — at least for the time being — on one side of this never-ending war. (Via KERO)

"You can see the boy on his bike when the dog sneaks up, grabs his leg, and starts pulling him. But here comes Tara, the family cat." (Via KERO)

Thank goodness Tara was there to save the day. She was on the "Today" show when 4-year-old Jeremy and his parents spoke about the scary incident.

"It was pretty amazing to see a cat just take on a dog and so selflessly just put herself out there and not worry if she would get bit or injured herself."​ (Via NBC

The Bakersfield Californian says the cat was a stray who was adopted by Jeremy's parents six years ago after she kept following them around. 

Jeremy did have to get a few stitches in his leg, but his mom told the "Today" anchors Jeremy's already asking to go outside and play with the other kids in the neighborhood.

And women, we've been waiting for this for years: Finally, some men understand the pain women go through during childbirth.


"Get out!" (Via Universal Pictures / "Knocked Up")

Volunteers in China were hooked up to machines that simulated labor pains. And by the looks of things, they weren't enjoying the experience. 

"There were 10 levels of pain on a scale from 50 to 500. All but one of the men gave up at the level 100. Still had a few hundred to go. ... Thirty seconds. Hello, average labor 12 to 14 hours, just saying." ​(Via ABC)

As for the one man who made it to the end? According to The Huffington Post, he's the father of triplets, so maybe he felt like he owed it to his wife to see it to the finish line.

To give men some credit, they often have to hold the women's hands during labor. I've heard they're like vice grips.


I'm not sure that makes it even.