Top 3 Heartwarming Stories Of The Week

The top three heartwarming stories of this week are full of love.

Top 3 Heartwarming Stories Of The Week

There were quite a few sweet stories making the news this week, and since good news is the best news, here are Newsy’s top three heartwarming tales of the week.

No. 3 goes to a couple who really knows how to make love last. (Via Daily Mail)

John and Ann Betar eloped in 1932, and on November 25th, the two will be celebrating their 81st anniversary.‚Äč 

"They say the key to their lasting message is understanding and communication." (Via KCBS)

They also say keep the fighting to a minimum, and lastly:

"We're always holdings hands. Yep." (Via BBC)

Worldwide Marriage Encounter named the Betars the longest-married American couple. Congratulations, you two.  (Via ABC)

No. 2 is a sweet story of brotherhood between two dogs. Jeffrey and Jermaine are 8-month-old stray puppies at Philadelphia’s Operation Ava shelter. (Via 22 Words)

Here’s what’s so special about these two. Because Jeffrey is blind, Jermaine has become his seeing-eye dog. He helps guide and feed Jeffrey, and the two are inseparable. (Via Vimeo / Engagement Studios)

And the best news, all this publicity has sparked such an overwhelming response from those wanting to adopt the pups, the organization even has a Frequently Asked Questions page just for Jermaine and Jeffrey on its website. It says employees hope to have a family picked out for the pups soon. (Via Facebook / Ray LittleOperation Ava)

And finally, our most heartwarming story of the week: Navy sailor Dylan Ruffer and his high school sweetheart, Madison Meinhardt, couldn’t wait one more second to get married. (Via KCTV)

So the two 19-year-olds said their “I dos” the second he flew in, literally … like in the Reno airport, right after he got off the escalator. She was there in her wedding dress, waiting for her groom. (Via WBFF)

“It's a great honor and privilege to introduce to you for the very first time, Mr. and Mrs. Dylan Ruffer. Let's hear it for them!” (Via KTVN)

The airport actually helped take part in the ceremony by decorating an area large enough for their 150 guests, complete with a DJ, dance floor and wedding cake. (Via KVVU)

Three happy stories full of love to warm your heart. Thanks for watching, and check back next week for more good news.