Top 3 Humorous Animal Stories Of The Week

Our top three animals this week include a dog attempting to play fetch, a bear stuck in a cookie jar, and two whales that capsized a boat.

Top 3 Humorous Animal Stories Of The Week
NJ Department of Environmental Protection

Usually we like to highlight misbehaving animals, but this week quite a few animals were getting themselves into straight-up hilarious situations. From a dog that just really wanted someone to play with to a whale that got a little too close to some boaters, these animals are sure to make you laugh.

But first, we're highlighting the bear cub whose being dubbed by many as the real-life Winnie the Pooh. ABC explains:  (Via Disney / 'Mini Adventures of Winnie the Pooh')

"He was combing through the trash. He spotted some crumbs in the bottom of that cookie jar and then, making matters worse, he climbed up a tree and couldn't get down."

Yeah, the poor little guy got his head stuck in the cookie jar and then got stuck high up in the braces of a tree. (Via New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection) reports local New Jersey police and fire departments, as well as workers from the DEP Division of Fish & Wildlife responded to the call to help the bear cub down.

According to WNBC, the bear was tranquilized so it wouldn't fuss while the crew worked to get it down from the tree and cut the plastic cookie jar off its head. 

The cub was stuck in that tree for two hours before it was helped down. So to replenish its body fluids, officials let the bear rest in a wheelbarrow full of cool water. 

You gotta admit, he looks pretty cute in those photos. We just hope he's learned his lesson and stays out of the cookie jar for at least a little while. 

Next up, we've got a dog named Robbie who just really, really wants to play fetch. (Via YouTube / jamiegoodwin87)

Have you figured out the problem the dog's run into yet? If not, NBC lays it out for you:

"Won't take no for an answer, even if the person he's trying to play with is, as you can see, a statue. The dog even brought his own stick. Can't figure out why the man won't pick it up."

Daily Mail reports this fetch-fail incident took place at Sackville Park in Manchester, England. And that the bronze statue Robbie mistook for a real person is of Alan Turing, who was a code breaker during World War II. 

Hopefully, Robbie has found a real person to play fetch with him by this point. 

And finally, we've got two whales who capsized a 23-foot-long boat in San Diego. And one of the boaters caught the whole thing on camera. (Via Flickr / Zoran Kovacevic)

"Dale Frink knew he was going to get close to a whale today, but not this close."

"Oh my God! Ahhh!" (Via KGTV / Dale Frink)

And Frink told KGTV he even managed to snap a photo of the whale as his boat was flipping over. 

"He snapped this pic."

"I say to myself, 'Dale, just do what you can, keep yourself safe... but if you can save that camera — save the camera."

Nothing like some quick reflexes. Which isn't too shabby when you're getting capsized by the largest known animals on the planet. They can weigh up to 250,000 pounds according to Marine Mammal Center.

Frink, who was out on the water on a whale watching trip, wrote on his website that the whole thing was simply "a freak accident" and that the captain of the boat was doing her best not to get too close to the whales. (Via

Maybe the whales just wanted to get up close for those photos Frink was taking. Either way, we've learned that photos are acceptable — and maybe even necessary — to take in a multitude of situations. Like right now. Say "cheese!"