Top 3 Humorous Moments Caught On Camera

This week's humorous moments include a graduation celebration, a synchronized performance and an interview with a monkey.

Top 3 Humorous Moments Caught On Camera

Each week, some humorous moments just happen to be caught on camera. And this week we saw an interview with a monkey and an impromptu graduation celebration — both of which didn't go as planned. 

First up though, is this synchronized swimming performance by a bunch of fifth grade boys in Texas. (Via YouTube / Margaret Hutto)

Okay, we've got to take a look at that again. They might not have been in a pool, but you've got to admit their talent show performance is just as impressive. After all, it had to have been difficult to get all those boys to pay attention long enough to learn the choreography. 

KDFW sat down with some of the boys, who said performing the routine had its challenges. 

"It was when we dove and we crossed each other."

"For me it was putting our feet up because I don't have really great balance."

"I'm not that flexible."

Clearly they didn't let those difficulties get them down, though. We just can't wait to see what they do next. 

Our number two moment is a graduation celebration that — well, there's really no other way to say it — flopped. (Via YouTube / Web & Media Services)

That had to hurt. The Davenport University grad spoke with WOOD-TV about why he decided to attempt the backflip.

"I do backflips all the time. And I was up there, my family was cheering for me, and after I shook all the hands, there was an open space and I gave it a go. It didn't work out so well."

We have to give him props, though. We don't think we'd be brave enough to try to execute a backflip while holding a diploma and wearing a billowy graduation gown. 

And our number one caught on camera moment this week involves KHOU morning show host Deborah Duncan and a Capuchin monkey. 

"Oh, look what I got. It's a grape! ... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to tease you!"

 That's right — the monkey actually slapped Duncan! But can you really blame him?

Wilson the monkey is actually a pretty big star; after all, he's the monkey in "Dr. Dolittle." So he's probably used to getting his way. (Via Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation / "Dr. Dolittle")

So the moral of the story is just always give the monkey what he wants... or risk getting hit. Thanks for watching Newsy's Top 3 caught on camera moments.