Top 3 On-Camera Moments Of The Week

This week a local news reporter gets caught off guard during a live shot, Donald Trump says Jimmy Carter is dead and an RT anchor resigns on-air.

Top 3 On-Camera Moments Of The Week

​​Today we’re bringing you our top 3 on-camera moments of the week. We have a casual slip up, a planned speech and a pretty bold announcement. Let’s start with the slip-up.

A KCPQ reporter in Seattle got caught off guard during a live shot, and he just happened to be talkin’ sports.

“I’d be happy man. Rangers to me are a sinking ship.”

Embarrassing? Sure. But we’ve all seen worse anchor moments than that. (Via Mediabistro)

I can’t believe the bachelor let Lucy go.

For our number two pick: here’s a guy who knows a thing or two about dead presidents — the Donald. Except this time, Mr. Trump declared a former president — who is very much alive — dead in his speech at CPAC Thursday. (Via YouTube / Trump)

“I lived through that time and it was not a good time and we are pretty close. I think maybe by next month we will have surpassed the late great Jimmy Carter.” (Via ABC)

Jimmy Carter’s grandson quickly brushed the comment off, tweeting he’s pretty sure he would have heard about his grandfather’s passing. (Via Twitter / @JECarter4)

I’m pretty sure we all would have heard about that.

Our number one pick of the week comes from RT anchor Liz Wahl who delivered a bold message on-air before quitting. Take a look. (Via TIME)

“That is why personally I cannot be part of network funded by the Russian government that white washes the actions of Putin. That is why after this news cast i’m resigning.” (Via RT)

Wahl told MSNBC she was fed up with her work being “censored and distorted” by RT because its mission was to quote “try to make America look like the bad guy and make excuses for Putin.”

In a statement to Buzzfeed, RT called the dramatic move a “self-promotional stunt.”

Those were our top 3 on-camera picks of the week. Check back with us next week for more.