Top 3 Outrageous Animal Stories Of The Week

This week's animal stories include a goldfish having surgery, a pizza chain giving out pets, and a tiger found on the side of the road.

Top 3 Outrageous Animal Stories Of The Week
Bryant Police Department

After hearing stories this wild, we thought Animal Planet was breaking into reality TV. Goldfish surgeries, Pizza Hut pets and even stuffed tiger attacks –– this week in news was a zoo. Check it out:

First up, a goldfish in Australia underwent surgery. Yes, a goldfish.

The 10-year-old fish is a pet named George.

AMY ROBACH VIA ABC: "A woman in Australia paid big money for this procedure that required anesthesia because she loves George — George, George — so much and couldn't bear the thought of losing him."

7 News reports the surgery was to remove "a huge growth on his head that required urgent, life-saving treatment."

DR. TRISTAN RICH VIA 7 NEWS: "The fish was having trouble eating, getting around, being bullied by the other fish."

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the entire procedure took about 45 minutes.

The surgery was a success, and doctors predict George might now live another 10 years. Which is quite remarkable because we've never been able to keep a pet goldfish alive for more than a year.

Next up, reports surfaced that a Pizza Hut store in Australia was offering free small animals from a local pet store when customers purchased 10 large pizzas.

A poster inside the store promoting the deal even featured a small rodent on it.

People turned to social media to express their horrified reactions.

Thankfully, the whole thing turned out to be a promotion gone wrong.

On its Facebook page, Pizza Hut said the promotion "was not approved by Pizza Hut Australia, nor was condoned in any circumstances. We would like to sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by this."

Turns out the the poster was supposed to say customers could get a free small animal kit with the purchase of 10 large pizzas. Daily Mail Australia spoke with the pet store spokesperson who said, "The poster was put up in haste and it was not proof-read."

We're betting the company will triple-check every promotion from now on before putting it up.

And finally, an Arkansas woman saw what she thought was a dead tiger on a road and, in a panic, called the police.

Police quickly responded to the call, and when officers got there, they realized it was just a large stuffed animal.

The Bryant Police Department certainly had a good time bringing the not-so-dangerous cat back to the station.

We can't blame the woman. It's better to be safe than sorry. You have to keep an eye out for danger everywhere.

This video includes images from Lort Smith and Daniel Hall / CC BY SA 2.0.