Top 3: Cameras Catch Reporters' Not So Finest Moments

Caught on camera: a reporter gets in a sticky situation and a fight breaks out on air between two analysts.

Top 3: Cameras Catch Reporters' Not So Finest Moments

We expect our news reporters to be professional and always on point. After all, they spend a lot of time around cameras. But when they do slip up, those cameras often catch their not-so-finest moments.

First up is KXAS reporter Jeff Smith who actually got stuck in some mud during his live shot. 

"He was reporting on low water levels at a local lake this weekend. And Smith jumped in feet first to show reviews just how thick the mud was. Only problem was he couldn't get out."‚Äč (Via NBC

Thankfully, this Dallas reporter had a cameraman with him, who helped pull Smith out of the knee-high mud. And once the two of them got back to the newsroom, KXAS was waiting with a camera.

"It turns out if a boat is stuck in mud than an NBC 5 reporter will also get stuck in that same mud. ... I had no idea it was that deep and that thick. I got stuck the moment I jumped off."

Let's hope the station picked up Smith's dry-cleaning bill. That mud is not coming out easily.

Our second reporter is Nigel Jaquiss, an Oregon journalist who was interviewing two U.S. Senate candidates. Mark Callahan was there in person, while Jo Rae Perkins was being interviewed via speaker phone. (Via Mark Callahan for U.S. Senate, Perkins for U.S. Senate)

But when Perkins' answer ran a tad too long, Callahan caught the reporter writing 'blah, blah, blah' in his notes. (Via Flickr / D Sharon Pruitt)

MARK CALLAHAN: "You want to talk about disrespect? I see what you're writing down there. You just wrote down 'blah blah blah blah blah' after everything that Joe Rae said." (Via Willamette Week)

The interview quickly became heated and one of Willamette Week's editors asked Callahan to leave. 

On its website, the paper gave its own take on what happened, saying Jaquiss wrote down "blah, blah, blah" when Perkins went off on a tangent about eliminating the U.S. Forest Service even though she was supposed to be talking about health care. 

Finally, our number one caught on camera moment actually involves two analysts. But hey, they're used to being on TV, so they should know better. (Via Middle East Media Research Institute)

"It was an all out brawl that erupted on television. Look at this. In neighboring Jordan, two analysts began arguing over the Syrian war."  (Via ABC)

We'd hate to be the moderator who was in the middle of all that. 

The Washington Post reports one of the analysts called the other a "deviant" who supports the Syrian revolution, and that's what started the destruction of the set. 

We're thinking that news station will now be bolting its set to the floor. Thanks for watching our top three caught on camera moments.