Top 3 Stories That Gave Us Candy Cravings

Halloween is right around the corner, so it's OK for us to start eating more candy than usual, right?

Top 3 Stories That Gave Us Candy Cravings
liz west / CC BY 2.0

One of the best things about the month of October is you're basically given carte blanche to eat as much chocolate and candy as you wish. Heck — Halloween is basically built around sweets. And this week was no help in curbing our craving. 

First, Hershey announced it's producing a new type of chocolate, and it's about twice the size of a traditional Hershey's Kiss

It's called Kisses Deluxe.

"With a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate." (Video via The Hershey Company)

This is a pretty big step for the company, which created the Kiss back in 1907. According to USA Today, the last time a significant change was made to the Kiss brand was 25 years ago when almond Kisses were introduced. (Video via The Hershey Company)

Next, a popular app called Vivino actually created a really handy infographic for pairing a variety of types of candy with various wines. 

Now, we'll admit the chart Vivino created is a little hard to follow — it turns out certain candy, like Skittles, pair great with both dry and sweet white wines. 

While Snickers candy bars taste best when one is drinking either a medium or bold red wine, or a dessert wine. 

We're thinking this will come in handy for all those sneaky parents who end up secretly eating a lot of their children's Halloween treats. 

Finally, while it certainly wasn't a question we were dying to ask, we know each state's favorite candy to give out on Oct. 31, thanks to Influenster.

Perhaps most interesting was that people in five states all picked candy corn as their favorite: Oregon, Texas, South Carolina, Tennessee and Wyoming. 

Some more nontraditional choices were Toblerone for Arizona, Pixy Stix for Georgia and Swedish Fish for Louisiana. 

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