Top 3 Unusual Animals Of The Week

Newsy presents our favorite tales featuring unusual animals that made headlines this week.

Top 3 Unusual Animals Of The Week
The Telegraph

We have to admit that we love any story that involves animals, but the stories we're highlighting this week all involve some creatures we're not used to seeing. 

Our No. 3 animal is a shark, and while you might be thinking sharks aren't really that rare, this one weighed 805 pounds! Don't see too many of those. (Via WKRG)

WGHP caught up with Joey Polk, the lucky fisherman who reeled in this incredible catch. 

"It's probably the best feeling you've ever felt in your whole life, a thousand times over. It's unexplainable. ... He's just a real hard-fighting fish, a vicious fish. He's probably one of the fastest sharks in the sea."

What makes this catch even more amazing? Polk set a new world record for the largest mako shark caught in the world. 

And who did he beat out? Oh, just his cousin Earnest Polk, who had previously held the record with a mako shark weighing 725 pounds. We bet that'll make for some fun banter at family get-togethers. (Via International Land-Based Shark Fishing Association)

A 600-pound moose is our second animal of the week.

It wandered from its home in the woods to a Canadian man's backyard. (Via HLN)

"It's good to see the wildlife, but not in the backyard." (Via CTV)

Although the homeowner was caught a bit off guard by the moose's visit, nobody was hurt — not even the moose. Wildlife officials were able to tranquilize it and set it free in the wild. 

Our No. 1 animal of the week is actually a cross between a zebra and a donkey. Yep, it's a zonkey. (Via The Telegraph)

And a reporter for ABC explains why you've probably never seen one of these animals at your local zoo before. 

"The zoo says Khumba is a rare case in the animal world because the zebra and the donkey chromosome, needless to say, are not known to be compatible."

The Orlando Sentinel reports little Khumba was born April 21 in a northern Mexico zoo. 

Thanks for watching our top three unusual animals; we'll see you next week.