Top 3 Viral Halloween Videos

It's that time of year again, so put your pet in a costume, turn your fridge into a candy dispenser and beat a pumpkin-carving world record.

Top 3 Viral Halloween Videos
Caleb Hoke

It's that time of year — time to let out your inner goblin and ghoul and ... dress up your pet?

At No. 1, we're highlighting those wacky ... we mean ... doting pet lovers who just can't resist dressing up their furry friends.

Oct. 25 New York pet owners got together at the Tompkins Square Halloween Parade, which ABC called the world's largest dog costume competition.

"Americans are projected to spend more than $300 million this years on pet costumes."

"Everything is handmade — the carriage, her gown."

"Of course, the pooches are much more interested in trick-or-treating."

Pretty sure there's nothing cuter than pets dressed up for Halloween, even if those costumes do end up costing more than your own.

OK, so let's move on from costumes. There's another thing we love about Halloween: candy.

But Deric Peace loves candy year-round. In fact, he even traded out the ice in his refrigerator's ice maker for the good stuff.

"And there you have candy from the ice bin."

He told us on Skype he was never much of an ice man and explained how it works:

"I don't use ice whatsoever. ... I just was like, 'Wait a second, what can I put in here instead of ice?' ... And I’m saying, 'Candy.' I love candy. ... There's a lever, right, that will engage or disengage the ice maker. ... I disengaged that."

He's pretty much a dentist's worst nightmare, but thankfully for Deric, the tooth fairy must be on his side.

"I haven't had a cavity for probably about 17 years. ... Gummy bears are my life."

Ingenious. And apparently you can put tons of things in your ice maker ... including burritos.

At No. 3, we've brought you cute animals and clever candy. The last requirement for a successful Halloween? Pumpkin carving, of course!

Trevor Hunt broke the Guinness World Record for the number of pumpkins carved in an hour on Meredith Vieira's talk show Monday.

VIEIRA: "Are you confident you can break this record?"

HUNT: "Yeah, I am pretty confident in myself."

VIEIRA: "Would you like me to go away?"

HUNT: "Yeah, that'd be pretty helpful."

GUINNESS RECORD OFFICIAL: "After 49 minutes, he ran out of pumpkins. He carved all 109 successfully, so a Guinness World record has been set!"

So if you still haven't gotten around to carving your pumpkins ... at least take comfort in knowing you don't have to do 109.

This video includes images from Sydney Levin, Bryan Baugher, Elizabeth Hagedorn, Suet Growney, Mike Walsh, Caleb Hoke, Luke Jones / CC BY 2.0 and Rachel Wente-Chaney / CC BY NC SA 2.0.