Travel expert shares how to get a refund on a canceled flight

Travel Girl magazine founding editor-in-chief Stephanie Oswald shares tips for anyone struggling to get a refund after a canceled flight.

Travel expert shares how to get a refund on a canceled flight
Alex Brandon / AP

The holidays are over, but the travel nightmare that millions of people faced lingers on. 

One airline in particular, Southwest, claims because of its recent meltdown, the company will have to pay out more than $400 million in refunds.  

The airline canceled more than 16,000 flights between Dec. 21 and Jan. 2.

Southwest Airlines travelers wait to retrieve their bags after canceled flights.

DOT To Probe Southwest Cancellations That Stranded Flyers

Southwest Airlines canceled 2,900 flights Monday, according to FlightAware. Nearly 2,500 more flights had already been canceled as of Tuesday morning.


That happened just a month after the Department of Transportation cracked down on airlines for not giving refunds. It fined multiple airlines more than $7 million and ordered those airlines to give more than $600 million back to customers.

But what if you're struggling to get a refund, especially on a nonrefundable ticket? 

Travel expert Stephanie Oswald,  co-founder and founding editor-in-chief of Travel Girl Magazine, spoke with Scripps News' "Morning Rush" to share tips on getting a refund and other advice for travelers.