Trump Administration Releases New Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards

The EPA released the Safer Affordable Fuel Efficient Vehicles Rule, which sets fuel efficiency standards for new vehicles over the next few years.

Trump Administration Releases New Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards

The Trump administration has officially released new fuel emission rules that will cancel Obama-era standards for the production of vehicles from 2021 to 2026.

On Tuesday, the EPA released the Safer Affordable Fuel Efficient Vehicles Rule, or the SAFE Vehicles Rule.

Under previously set standards, automakers would have been required to increase vehicles' fuel economy by 5% a year, reaching 55 miles per gallon in 2026 model year vehicles. Under the new rule, they'll have to be 1.5% more efficient per year, meaning 2026 vehicles' fuel economy will only be required to reach 40 miles per gallon.

Critics of the rule say rolling back higher standards is the wrong move in the fight against climate change.

President Trump says the SAFE Vehicles Rule will save Americans about $1,000 when they buy "newer, safer vehicles", since cars will be cheaper to make.

Other critics say relaxing air quality standards will ultimately hurt those who are affected by the coronavirus, which mostly affects the lungs.

And auto industry leaders are also pushing back on the new standards. Ford and Honda say they'll support California in its legal battle to impose state regulations that are tougher than federal ones. 

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