Trump Properties To Use E-Verify To Screen All Workers

The change comes after reports about undocumented workers at two of President Trump's golf clubs.

Trump Properties To Use E-Verify To Screen All Workers
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President Donald Trump's businesses will reportedly start using a federal program to determine if employees are authorized to work in the U.S.

The change comes after the New York Times published an article in December about two undocumented immigrants who worked at President Trump's New Jersey golf club. That article was followed by a report last week from the Washington Post about the sudden firings of about a dozen undocumented immigrants employed at Trump's golf club in New York.

The president owns 11 hotels and 17 golf clubs across the world. While in office, he's handed the baton to his sons — Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump.

Eric Trump told the Washington Post Tuesday the company will now use E-Verify, a background check service under the Department of Homeland Security, on all of its properties starting with the golf clubs. He said the service was currently being used at some properties, but not all of them. 

Eric Trump told the Post the "situation is not unique to [the] Trump Organization" and "demonstrates that our immigration system is severely broken and needs to be fixed immediately."

E-Verify is currently working through a backlog of screenings. That's because the service is run by one of the federal offices that was closed during the partial government shutdown.