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Protesters Say They'll Meet Trump With 'Carnival Of Resistance' In UK

President Donald Trump is planning to travel to the U.K. in July to meet with Prime Minister Theresa May. Protesters say they'll be making noise.

Protesters Say They'll Meet Trump With 'Carnival Of Resistance' In UK
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President Donald Trump is headed to the U.K. after all. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Thursday the president will go in July after months of back-and-forth and at least one canceled trip.

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May said Thursday she was looking forward to meeting with Trump. She came to the U.S. shortly after Trump's inauguration. 

Trump isn't super popular in the U.K. Last year, thousands of people protested amid reports May was planning an official visit from Trump. They said again Thursday they would greet Trump with a "carnival of resistance" when he shows up in July. 

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In Davos, Trump And The UK Prime Minister Talk Future Of Trade

President Donald Trump and U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May met for the first time in months.


On top of that, Trump and Sadiq Khan — London's mayor — had it out very publicly during the 2016 campaign. 

"He's been quite critical of you, as you know," BBC's Piers Morgan said to Trump during an interview in May of that year. "He's attacked you for being ignorant. He's says that if you're president, you'll make both our countries —"

"Let's do an IQ test," Trump quipped.

"Are you offended by what he says?" Morgan asked. 

"Yeah, I am." Trump responded. "Because he doesn't know me, never met me, doesn't know what I'm all about."

Trump said in January he had canceled a trip to the U.K. to open a new embassy there. He had blamed what he called a "bad deal" on the embassy for the cancellation.