Twitter Testing 'Buy Now' Button For Automatic Purchases

Twitter announced Monday it has begun testing a buy button that allows users to make purchases without leaving the social media site.

Twitter Testing 'Buy Now' Button For Automatic Purchases
Twitter via Mashable

Resisting the urge to shop just got a little bit more difficult. Geez — it seems like the stores just follow you around these days. 

Especially if you're into social media. And now you can add Twitter to the social-shopping website list. 

KTNV: "Twitter saying they're testing out Twitter shopping. Some users will see the buy button on some tweets today. You can buy things or make donations." 

KNTV: "Twitter's testing this with a few, yet diverse retailers like Home Depot and Wiz Khalifa. Twitter's about 3 percent higher on that news." 

This new feature doesn't come as too much of a surprise. The sites dropped hints over the past few months. At the end of June Re/code noticed a "buy now" button on tweets from shopping app Fancy. At that time, officials from Twitter had no comment. 

The buy button is a bit different than some features Twitter has unveiled in the past, like #AmazonCart. By tweeting that hashtag, users can automatically add items to their Amazon cart without leaving Twitter. 

With the buy-now feature, all users have to do is click the button. They will then be directed to a page for payment info. After using your credit card once with the site, it will automatically save the information. 

Twitter's new feature, of course, doesn't come unmatched. In mid-July Facebook rolled out a buy feature. At first glance, the two are actually pretty similar. 

But Mashable spoke with Nathan Hubbard, Twitter's first head of commerce, who pointed out a couple key differences in Twitter when compared to other sites with similar buy features.


"'There is a real-time component to Twitter that isn't replicated anywhere else. I think that lends itself to items with a temporal component [...] or anything with urgency.' Translation: Twitter sees itself as a powerful platform for more spontaneous purchases and limited-time offers."

Some other retailers and artists involved in the testing include Burberry, Brad Paisley and Panic! at the Disco. 

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