Twitter Testing Location-Based 'Nearby' Feature

Twitter is experimenting with a feature called "Nearby" that displays tweets near you.

Twitter Testing Location-Based 'Nearby' Feature
Twitter | Newsy Staff

​When you send a tweet, you might have noticed it's possible to share your location. The option has been available online and in most Twitter apps for several years.

Right now, this feature seems to serve little purpose. It's a great way for people to find out exactly where you are when you tweet, but it doesn't do much more than that.

According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, Twitter aims to give more meaning to its location feature. The social media company is experimenting with a new feature called "Nearby" that shows tweets being sent out near you.

Using location data, Twitter will serve up nearby tweets on a map. Users can tap on each tweet to view more information, like attached images or videos. We admit, it's a little creepy. It would make this guy's job a whole lot easier:

"I got all of this information just by searching their personal social media posts. ... Is your name Jessica? ... Someone in your family's referred to as Pops. Is it like a dad? ... Recently had lunch, dinner, or something like that."

The Verge offers up a more innocent possibility for the feature: "Walking through a city, you could get a quick read on interesting events happening in the neighborhood in real time."

While TechCrunch is quick to point out the potential for advertising, giving marketers the chance to target specific locations with promoted tweets.

As with many of Twitter's new features, the company is testing "Nearby" with a select group. It's possible the feature might never be rolled into the Twitter experience.