U.S. Reports 88,000 New Coronavirus Cases In One Day

It's the most new daily cases we've seen during the entire pandemic.

U.S. Reports 88,000 New Coronavirus Cases In One Day
Robert F. Bukaty / AP

The U.S. is breaking even more troubling records as the coronavirus pandemic wears on.

Officials reported more than 88,000 new cases yesterday. 

That's the most in a single day since the pandemic began. 

And it means the U.S. is adding a new COVID-19 case nearly every second.

The spike is happening nationwide: 47 states recorded more cases in the latest week than the previous one.

And experts worry this could get even worse as we head deeper into flu season.

"More people are going to be overwhelming hospitals, getting sick. There will be some confusion of diagnosis. All of that is going to lead to a bigger crisis in the hospital than what we're seeing now in the next two months."

Cases are surging around the globe, too.

Spikes across Europe have prompted new lockdowns in Germany and France.

And Japan just passed 100,000 total cases.