Uber Just Trolled Its Way To A Win Over NYC Mayor De Blasio

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio had planned to cap Uber's new driver ranks, but he's had a change of heart.

Uber Just Trolled Its Way To A Win Over NYC Mayor De Blasio
Getty Images / Spencer Platt

Uber didn't just diss New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's plan to restrict ridesharing in the city. The company trolled its way to a win. 

De Blasio's bill to cut down on the number of new drivers Uber and similar services can hire is dead for now. 

This change of heart comes after de Blasio published some fighting words on the matter last week. 

He wrote, "Uber — a $40 billion corporation — is out with multi-million dollar ads trying to convince New Yorkers that it doesn't need more oversight."

But all Uber's poking, and prodding, and eventual trolling has paid off. 

The mayor has tossed out the cap and in it's place is what seems kind of like a truce. 

The ride hailing giant has agreed to take part in a four-month study that looks at how much traffic congestion and extra pollution the company's services contribute to the city. (Video via Expedia)

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