Ukrainian Police Storm Anti-Government Protest Camp

Ukrainian police and protesters clashed in the third week of demonstrations against the government and Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich.

Ukrainian Police Storm Anti-Government Protest Camp
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Hundreds of Ukrainian riot police stormed Independence Square in Kiev early Wednesday morning, cracking down on protesters who've been camped and rallying against the Ukrainian government for more than two weeks.

Security forces rushed in and reportedly began throwing flash grenades and dismantling barricades. This video shows a massive group of protesters and riot police shoving against each other. (Via

"Protesters shouted 'Shame, we shall stand' and sang the Ukrainian National Anthem." (Via BBC)

The anti-government protests began after Ukrainian President Viktor​ Yanukovich decided not to sign a trade agreement with the European Union.

Yanukovich and three of his predecessors sat down for a televised event Tuesday to try and solve the political impasse, but the round-table did little to stop the demonstrations in Kiev. (Via Los Angeles Times)

The New York Times reports Western leaders like Vice President Joe Biden have weighed in, warning Yanukovich against using force on peaceful protesters.

After the riot police moved in, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry issued a stinging statement, saying "The United States expresses its disgust" at how peaceful protesters were met "with riot police, bulldozers, and batons. ... [The people of Ukraine] deserve better."

Early reports said at least 10 police officers and several protesters were injured early on in the clash.