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US Steel Not Opening Six New Mills, No Matter How Much Trump Says It

The president has said over and over again that U.S. Steel is opening six or seven new mills. That's just not true.

US Steel Not Opening Six New Mills, No Matter How Much Trump Says It
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"U.S. Steel just announced that they're building six new steel mills," President Trump proclaimed during a July rally in Tampa, Florida.

"Half of them had tears coming down because we opened a tremendous United States Steel plant," he said July 27. "They're opening up seven other plants."

"U.S. Steel just announced they're expanding or building six new facilities," Trump said at a June 26 meeting with Congress members.

"The head of U.S. Steel called me the other day, and he said, we're opening up six major facilities and expanding facilities that have never been expanded," he claimed during a roundtable discussion June 20.

U.S. Steel isn't opening six, or seven, new plants, no matter how many times the president says it.

A spokesperson for U.S. Steel told Politifact the president isn't on the inside track on any exclusive info. And there are no public plans to open new plants.

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U.S. Steel does have plans to upgrade some parts of facilities and restart some previously halted operations. 

And several other steel companies are building or expanding a handful of facilities around the country, but not U.S. Steel.

This claim, which the president has been repeating for at least a month, is flat wrong.