Usain Bolt Is The 100m World Champion By A Slim Margin

Usain Bolt has won the 100m gold at the world championships, beating out the favorite, American Justin Gatlin.

Usain Bolt Is The 100m World Champion By A Slim Margin
Getty Images / Christian Petersen

Usain Bolt won the 100m gold at the World Athletics Championships on Sunday by just a hundredth of a second. That's less than the amount of time it takes a hummingbird to flap its wings one time.

Bolt beat out favorite Justin Gatlin with a time of 9.79 seconds. That's well off his world record of 9.58 seconds set in 2009, and his previous world record of 9.69 from the 2008 Beijing Olympics. 

Bolt has struggled since the highs of the last Olympics, suffering from a hamstring injury and getting beaten out by rival Gatlin. (Video via ESPN)

And Gatlin's had his own trials, serving a four year ban for doping despite claiming he's never knowingly used banned substances. (Video via San Diego University for Integrative Studies)

It's good timing for Bolt, though, with the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio right around the corner. (Video via NBC)

Bolt's said he'll retire in 2017, after the World Championships in London, but he's already been credited with reinvigorating his sport. (Video via BBC)

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