Utah High School Photoshopped Students' Yearbook Photos

Wasatch High School students' yearbook photos were edited if their outfits were deemed too sexy.

Utah High School Photoshopped Students' Yearbook Photos
Utah Film Commission

Imagine opening up your high school yearbook and realizing your school photo has been Photoshopped. ABC says that's what happened to students at a Utah high school after their outfits were deemed too sexy. 

"They say they covered up exposed shoulders and cleavage. But some girls claim the Photoshopping was inconsistent, with girls getting entirely different outfits."

The Salt Lake Tribune spoke to several students whose photos were Photoshopped. Sophomore Shelby Baum's tattoo, which reads "I am enough the way I am," was removed in her photo.

"My tattoo was a huge thing in my life. I've come a long way. My tattoo means a lot. It reminds me I am enough. For them to cover that up? They should inform me first. They never said anything to me."

But according to KSTU, Wasatch High School officials say the students did know there was a possibility their photos would be retouched. 

"They say the students know the dress code and there were warning signs their photos might be edited if they weren't dressed appropriately. But they are apologizing for being inconsistent."

KSL-TV spoke with Baum, who went into detail about the inconsistencies.

"I don't really see the pattern of how they did it, but there are students who are wearing almost the exact outfit, but one's edited and one's not."

In a statement posted to its website, Wasatch County School District apologized for the inconsistencies. "The high school yearbook staff did make some errors and were not consistent in how they were applied to student photos and the school apologizes for that inconsistency."

The school district says it's evaluating its practice of editing photos and will decide whether it to continue using Photoshop in the future.