Velveeta Warns Of Shortage, America Inconsolable

America's favorite "liquid gold" might be running out just in time for the Superbowl.

Velveeta Warns Of Shortage, America Inconsolable
Facebook / Velveeta

Cut the cheese. Seriously. Into small bits. Ration it out.

"Theres a Velveeta shortage?!" (Via HLN)

"Get ready for what some are calling the 'cheesepocalypse.' Kraft says there may be a shortage of Velveeta." (Via CBS)

"The unthinkable. No Velveeta?" (Via ABC)

Yes, America may be running low on what is perhaps its signature pasteurized process cheese spread. 

Kraft, the maker of Velveeta, says over the next few weeks, there will be some shortages. The company didn't give an exact reason for the issues.

And of course, the Superbowl is just around the corner. So will you have queso and Rotel in your bowl in time for the big bowl? (Via YouTube / Kraft Cooking School)

Kraft told AdAge they expect this to be a "short-term issue," saying there's a "combination of factors involved" in the shortage, which was first noticed at East Coast grocery stores. 

But, this could all just be a lot of cheesiness for no real reason...iness. Kraft says it hasn't heard many complaints from customers. We'll have to see — but just in case, maybe don't double dip.