Vice Principal Rescued From Capsized Ferry Found Hanged

A vice principal who was on board the ferry that sunk off the coast of South Korea Wednesday was found hanging from a tree, according to police.

Vice Principal Rescued From Capsized Ferry Found Hanged

More tragic news in the aftermath of the capsized South Korean ferry carrying 475 people.

"We just learned a vice principal rescued from the ship has apparently hanged himself. He was found near where the families are gathering." (Via CNN)

According to USA Today, police found the Danwon High School vice principal hanging from a tree Friday as people gathered at the school to post messages for the hundreds of students who disappeared when the ship suddenly started sinking Wednesday morning. (Via Euronews)

The vice principal has only been identified by his surname, Kang. He was found dead on the island of Jindo, where many of the rescued passengers have gathered to take shelter. (Via Sky News)

One woman still reeling from the disaster at the high school told NBC, "The deputy head of this school saved himself on the ship but not his students. No one from this school is going to the hospital or the rescue area. Why not? Why aren't you doing anything?"

The news of the vice principal's apparent suicide comes as rescuers continue their frantic search for the hundreds still missing from the ferry.

The people on board the ferry during the disaster included 325 students from Danwon High School. They were reportedly on their way to a southern island for a four-day school trip. (Via Al Jazeera)

Officials told the media 10 of those students and three teachers have been confirmed dead, along with 15 other passengers. But that number is expected to rise. (Via Time)

What caused the ship to capsize and sink so quickly is still unknown.

But, according to CNN, an arrest warrant has been issued for the ferry's captain and two other crew members.

The finer details about the warrant are unclear, but The Guardian reports investigators believe the captain was not at the helm of the ship when it capsized. 

Reports indicate he was also one of the first to be rescued while the hundreds of other people on board were told to stay where they were as the ferry went down. (Via HLN)

Poor weather conditions hampered search and rescue teams' efforts Friday, but they are continuing to comb the wreckage for any other survivors. 

MSNBC reports crews are also pumping compressed air into the sunken ship in the hope it reaches anyone still trapped inside.