Video shows woman firing gun in Connecticut police station lobby

A woman walked into a Connecticut police station's lobby and fired multiple rounds from her gun at its front desk windows.

Video shows woman firing gun in Connecticut police station lobby
Connecticut Office of Inspector General

A woman walked into a Connecticut police station and opened fire, shown in footage released by the state's Office of Inspector General. 

The woman, identified as 51-year-old Suzanne Laprise, entered the Bristol Police Department Oct. 5 on foot at around 11:30 p.m.

Video shows her walking up to the station's unoccupied front desk, banging on it with her fist then using a handgun to bang on both lobby windows more than a dozen more times.

Laprise then steps away in the empty lobby and fires the handgun multiple times at both windows, though the rounds didn't penetrate the bullet-resistant glass.

Officers then tried to start a dialogue with Laprise, during which she fired additional rounds in their direction. Officer Spencer Boisvert responded with two rounds, but the shots were again stopped by bullet-resistant glass, police said.

Laprise is then shown setting the handgun down on a seat in the lobby, prompting officers to enter the room and use a stun gun on her. Officers then took her into custody, later taking her to a hospital for an evaluation.

Bristol Police Department

Court documents allege Laprise had a drink and a shot at a bar before showing up to the police station. While at the bar, she allegedly told a woman she had a gun and was going to the station to tell officers to kill her or she would use her gun on them.

Laprise now sits in Bristol police custody on a $3 million bond. 

She appeared in court Friday morning to face nine charges, including criminal attempt/murder with special circumstance, illegal discharge of a firearm, criminal use of a weapon and more. She is expected back in court on Oct. 17.

The Bristol Police Department's lobby was closed for walk-ins Friday to allow for repairs and maintenance due to the incident. NBC Connecticut said the damage is estimated to cost $26,000 to fix.