VIRAL: Top 3 Ridiculous Anchor Moments

Sometimes news anchors get a little squirrelly just like the rest of us ... but their finest moments are often caught on camera.

VIRAL: Top 3 Ridiculous Anchor Moments

Sometimes anchors start acting a little squirrelly. We know we do.

JASMINE BAILEY: "Get in the bunker! Get in the bunker! Get in the bunker!"

We don't know if it's the day-in and day-out hard work of the biz ...

BECCA DUNN: "What up?"

... or if somebody just spiked their java.

LAUREN ZIMA: "Are we recording? I mean ... are we recording? Have you pressed the record button?"

But here are our top three anchor moments making us shake our heads, raise our eyebrows and wonder where we can get some of their coffee. 

At No. 1, meet WVNS anchor Dan Thorn. He has a thing for dancing during newscasts.

"Where dey at?"

Heh. Freeze frame. Is it just us, or does his co-anchor not look amused?

THORN: "All right, that's good. That's a good music video."

She's still not amused. 

At No. 2, we go from an anchor to a WGN-TV meteorologist who is outshined by kiddo Charlie Hale doing his weather segment.

"Let's get down to business. ... Well, it looks like we have some snow in Wisconsin. ... Wow, we got a lot of snow in Canada. ... Sunshine is on Saturday, yay! High is 43, boo."

We won't be surprised if we see Charlie on TV again, although he did say he wants to be a police officer when he grows up ... or a millionaire. Both sound legit. 

At No. 3, another thing some anchors have to deal with? Fans. Well, at least big-name anchors like the folks on NBC. Check out this lady. 

AL ROKER: "It's like somebody’s car alarm escaped."

TAMRON HALL: "Oh, she's crying."

Matt Lauer walks over to her, touches her arm.

FAN: "Oh, he touched me!"

Is it just us, or did she kind of look like she could've fainted from excitement?  

This video includes images from Getty Images and haru_q / CC BY SA 2.0 and music from Kevin MacLeod / CC BY 3.0.