Wanna Own A Castle ... And A Village? Pony Up $8.3M, And It's Yours

A royal family in Italy has owned the 2,100-acre Castle of Sismano estate for over 1,000 years, but now it can all be yours for only $8.3 million.

Wanna Own A Castle ... And A Village? Pony Up $8.3M, And It's Yours
Douglas Elliman Real Estate

For most of us, the closest we'll get to knowing how a prince lives is an HBO subscription.

But if watching the Lannisters vie for power isn't enough for you, there's also this Italian castle up for sale that one royal family has called home for the past thousand years.

The Castle of Sismano is a 2,100-acre estate with rolling hills, farmhouses and a residential building complex of seven villas. The main building on the estate is 18,000 square feet with 40 bedrooms and 20 bathrooms and a new pool.

Oh, and let's not forget a popular, well-reviewed bed-and-breakfast that sits on the castle's property. Some guests called it "truly magical" and "Heaven in Umbria," and the B&B is banking on a new owner to keep it in business.

Ready to take your rightful place in the Italian high-tower? Well, this palace of dreams (and accompanying village) can all be yours for the low, low price of $8.3 million.

This video includes a clip from HBO and images from Douglas Elliman Real Estate.