What Does It Mean To Be A True Conservative?

Newsy asked Republican voters what it takes to be a "true conservative" in today's Republican party.

What Does It Mean To Be A True Conservative?
Newsy / Danny Matteson

"When you look at the field right now, there's not a lot of true conservatives."

What does it mean to be a true conservative?

"A true conservative is pro-life, fiscally conservative, they support religious freedom."

"Government should not be telling me my personal beliefs or how to spend my money."

"A Buckley conservative. Small, limited government, strong military, protecting civil liberties, supply-side economics."

"Someone that believes in our Constitution, doesn't want to get rid of it, unless that change is better for America."

"They also understand the Judeo-Christian background and values. What they're trying to do is conserve those, what were originally called 'classically liberal' ideas, and carry them into the 21st century."

"Someone who's going to be fiscally responsible. That's a big part of it. Someone who's going to be smart with the resources we have as far as our natural resources."

"The Republican Party is the party of Lincoln. He was able to redefine what it is to be a conservative."

"The best conservative, maybe not the truest conservative, is a little more in the moderate range. Someone that can actually make things happen."