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What Is Peach? We're Glad You Asked

Heard of Peach? We attempt to explain the latest social networking app.

What Is Peach? We're Glad You Asked

If you clicked on this video, odds are you've at least heard of an app called Peach.

But if you're anything like a lot of us here at Newsy, chances are you're wondering what it is and how it works. Well, here's our attempt at an explanation.

Peach is kind of like a bulletin board. We've read quite a few Peach explainers and have heard it being compared to Twitter and Slack. (Videos via TwitterSlack)

The thing is, it's different from those apps, so making a comparison to other social networking apps isn't all that useful.

Peach's main page shows a feed containing your friends' posts. From this page, you can tap into any of your friends' feeds and scroll through their posts. If you see a green dot next to their name, it signifies they've posted something new.

The single feature that makes Peach different from Twitter or Facebook is what it calls "magic words." Magic words are shortcuts used to share bits of information. There are loads of different magic words you can use, but my favorite is GIF. When you type in GIF, you can search for a GIF to post on your feed.

Finding friends on Peach is rather difficult because its find-friend feature is lacking: You have to know the exact username of your friends in order to add them.

I've found the best way to find friends on Peach is by relying on your current group of friends. You navigate to one of your friend's feeds, tap to view his or her friends and add friends you know from that screen.

Peach doesn't seem to be geared toward simple social communication like the kind you'll find on Facebook and Twitter. In other words, it's not a messaging platform — it's a bulletin board.

And that just about covers it. If you decide to grab Peach, I'm curious to hear what you think, so be sure to reach out on Peach.